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Proper Number 12 Irish Whiskey 1Ltr

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  • Numerous Irish whiskey makers sought Conor’s endorsement over the years, but as a true born and bred Irishman, he did not want to simply endorse an Irish whiskey.
  • Inspired by his pride for Ireland and his love of Irish whiskey, McGregor wanted to create his own whiskey that would match his high standards and make his country proud so he turned to a distillery with a proven history of quality whiskey making.
  • This liquid is special. Conor worked with David Elder, esteemed Master Distiller of Proper Twelve, previously of Guinness, and together they sampled close to one hundred blends before selecting the final blend.
  • Proper Twelve is a blend of the finest golden grain and single malt. It is complex and sophisticated yet smooth and approachable with hints of vanilla, honey and toasted wood.
  • Proper Twelve’s name comes from the area that Conor is from called Crumlin, in Dublin District12. It is proper Irish whiskey and twelve is his hometown.
40% ABV Size: 1Ltr

AROMA: Spirits with vanilla honey.

COLOUR: Clear brown.

FINISH: Whiskey spirits with vanilla toasted wood.

Proper No. Twelve Proper Cola

50ml Proper 12
100ml Cola

1. Fill glass with ice.
2. Pour Proper No Twelve Whiskey over ice.
3. Top with Cola.

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