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Brockmans Orange Kiss Gin 70cl - House of Spirits

Brockmans Orange Kiss Gin 70cl

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  • ORANGE KISS blends together the flavours of Triple sec and fresh Valencia orange with traditional gin botanicals.
  • BEAUTIFULLY WELL BALANCED flavoured gin which offers a refreshing and mouth-watering taste of summer.
  • Perfect for SIPPING NEAT, ENJOYING AS A G&T, elevating classic GIN COCKTAILS or as a sumptuous LONG SERVE STRITZ.
  • This marks the first new release since the birth of our famous black cross-hatched bottle of BROCKMANS GIN over 15 years ago so ORANGE KISS really is a historic moment to be part of.
  • A story of defiance in the pursuit of a sublime taste... We are THE PROPERLY IMPROPER GIN.
40% ABV Size: 70cl

COLOUR: Clear, with a slightly oily quality. Strong legs visible in a glass.
AROMA: Fresh citrus notes up front with juniper following.
FLAVOUR: Notes of rosemary, nutmeg and coriander stand out over a juniper undertone. Overall a well-balanced medley of powerful herbal and spicy notes with the traditional London dry juniper and cassia.


Orange Kiss Spritz

50ml Brockmans Orange Kiss
50ml Sparkling Wine or Prosecco
100ml Pink Grapefruit Soda
10ml Red Apertif (Aperol or similar)

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